A Living Font (August 29, 2012)

I think of myself as mostly a fine artist. Nevertheless, due to the fact that I have created a lot of commercial graphic work – I get ideas for graphic design and font design. I have been taking photos of trees lately for the Photography Album 1 called Tree Porn. You can see these photos on the Photography tab of my website.

I have also taken a lot of pictures of tattooed trees – trees that people have carved their names or initials into. These are carved onto live trees and change significantly as the tree grows. So I have carved a whole alphabet into one of these trees and have photographed the first day. I will continue to photograph it over time and record the changes. This creates what I call a “living font” that I can use for some kind of graphic design work in the future.



Website Launched: First blog post – the Bird Print (August 20, 2012)

Howdy Folks,

The website is now up and running and officially launched. I have promulgated all the galleries and links so it should all be running smooth. Let me know if you encounter any difficulties by sending me an email. I did not include a comment block on this blog because of the way it is built and because of blog spam. So if you really want to comment or ask me something, just email me.

So my first blog post is a photo that I took of a window on a building – I call it a bird print. It is a print of an actual bird that flew into the window on a building.  I looked down at the bottom of the building and saw the dead bird underneath the window.

The print looks so much like a bird that I think the creature must have just taken a dirt bath before he flew into the window.  They often roll in dirt as a protection to keep away insects and parasites.

The bird is now taking his dirt nap.