Chicken coop from an old horse tack lockerJuly 7, 2016

My brother recently decided to get chickens and asked me to build a chicken coop out of an old horse tack locker that he had. He wanted to get away with the cheapest way to build this coop. I knew nothing about chickens or what they needed. So we got his old horse tack locker in a truck, we decided to lay it on its back and use the door of the locker as a roof so you could open it and get access to the eggs. Then he went out of town on business.

So I insulated the inside with blue foam and added particle board inside walls. I cut two air holes in the side and cut a hole for the door and added a door. I also cut old rubber matting he had for the floor. The photo doesn’t show it but I also cut the top of the roof and double hinged it so it would be easier to lift the roof and access the coop. The only things I had to buy was the foam insulation which was the most expensive, the particle board and two sets of hinges. The cost was about $60.  It is not pretty but should be functional and should look better once it is painted.

When my brother returned he was quite pleased – we put together some old fencing for a chicken run and will put the coop in the run. Below is the recycled coop and the fenced run.