Solo Exhibition at the Carnegie GalleryDecember 12, 2013

Friday December 13, 2013 I will be showing an exhibition of my recent works in the Semmens Gallery at the Carnegie Gallery, 1028 Scott Boulevard, Covington, Kentucky 41011. The reception is Friday December 13, 2013 from 5:30 – 9:00. The exhibition runs through February 14, 2014.

My most recent work is a large narrative scroll that is 11 feet by 31 inches and will be exhibited on one wall of the gallery. The title of the piece is,  “Ancient makes a rare appearance motivating a pneumatic Actuator to demagnetize the current between Son and his Destiny”. I have attached a jpeg of the image below.

The exhibit will also display my felted wool sculptures as well as several framed pyrographs. This collection of work obviously shows my practice of working in many different mediums at the same time. I get many different ideas all the time. When I sketch these ideas or process them, I am very conscious of what would be the best media to execute them in. The works would not have the same message if constructed out of any other material.