More SketchesNovember 1, 2012

When I go out on the weekends, I also sketch the people I see. This is a little trickier because they do notice when you stare at them. I usually have to be a little more clandestine. Of course, sometimes, I get caught and then the person comes up and wants to see your sketchbook. This can be somewhat embarrassing – especially when you are really caricaturing that person. It can become a pretty dicey situation and I do not want to offend anyone. Sometimes I even just make up features and add them on to increase their character quality. I use my artistic license liberally and draw them thinking that someday I may turn them into an animated cartoon character. Following are some of the characters that I have observed. (Please note that any resemblance to real persons, anyone you know or love, living or dead is purely coincidental.)