Valley of the GoblinsJuly 28, 2016

I just returned from the most amazing planet. It is called the Valley of the Goblins and I really felt like I was on another planet. It is the most surreal and strange landscape I have ever experienced. It is in Utah at a state park and I stayed in a yurt in the campgrounds.

The photos below show you a selfie I took and the strange landscape in the background, as well as a yurt outside and the inside of the yurt I stayed in. When I sent this selfie to my friend Doug Haire, who is a sound artist, he called me a ‘metrosapien’ – I had to look that one up – it is slang. His wonderful website can be accessed here:

I will post more photos of the surreal landscape as I process them. I have close-ups, medium shots, long shots as well as panoramas, and video.

I also did a lot of drawings that I have to scan and will upload soon. I was a great experience and provided a wealth of inspiration for me. I will be working with these resources for awhile. Still a little unsure of what all will become from it.