Lunar MothSeptember 19, 2012

Last week as I was walking into my bank I looked down and saw a beautiful Luna moth dying and being swarmed by an army of ants. I have never seen a lunar moth before and never expected to see one except in books. It was around noon and the sun was shining so it seemed even more surreal to see this gorgeous creature being slowly devoured. I picked it up and placed it on top of the bush to the right. I thought that maybe the moth would regain its strength and fly away or maybe die a natural death before being eaten alive.

After work I stopped by the bush expecting to see it gone. Here it was dead and the ants had left it alone – so I took it home blocked it wings, dried it for a week, bought a Riker mount and placed it in the mount with a moth ball in it. I photographed it in its mount and as I was blocking it below.