Preparatory Drawings for Fire SculptureFebruary 3, 2014

Someone asked about any preparatory drawings that I made before building the fire sculpture in Riga, Latvia. I told them that I had very many different drawings that had to be completed before and as I was working the sculpture. I attached below the major drawings that I took with me to Riga to help in the building of the structure.


This was the drawing that I gave the friends who allowed me to do a test burn on their property. I gave them this so that they would know what I was talking about.


This was the first working drawing where I figured out the lengths of wood translated from metric to inches and some initial ways of building the tower.


This was an important working drawing that showed me how to build the box around the tower lighter so I could pull it up to the top of the tower.


This was important diagram of how to thread the ‘block and tackle’ that I designed to lift the box up to the top of the tower.


This was my final working drawing after the test burn that had all the final measurements and construction methods for the tower.