Valley of the Goblins PhotosAugust 5, 2016

Visiting the Valley of the Goblins in Utah was the pinnacle of my summer. I was truly amazed by this landscape. It is the most surreal place I have ever seen. I really felt like I was on a different planet. I had seen a few photographs on the internet and decided to visit the place after seeing those. I expected to possibly be disappointed by a small gathering of mushroom like structures.

It was totally awesome and exceeded my wildest expectations. The weird landscape went on for miles. The further you trekked into it – the more amazing it became.

This site truly inspired me – I took a lot of photographs and cannot even determine which ones are my favorite because there are so many. I also took video of me trekking through this wondrous terrain. I plan on printing out and having an exhibition of photographs as well as editing my footage together and making a film. I do not even know what kind of film it would be – a film about a place or environment – but it would not be an environmental film – perhaps I will call it a motion landscape.

If that isn’t enough, I created a bunch of drawings of these rock formations and plan to pursue more elaborate drawings for a separate exhibition of those. I will post them as I complete them.

I have chosen three photographs to upload this week to give you an idea of the terrain. The first is a close up view as you approach the goblins, the next  photo is a long shot and the final is a panoramic view. Bear in mind that this is just one very small part of the landscape.

Also consider that these photos were all taken with my cell phone, I also have many taken with a Canon camera. I found that the cell phone camera was very useful for taking panoramic photos – so that is usually the way I used the phone photos.