World Fire Sculpture Championship continued (February 24, 2014)

I have taken photographs of every team’s sculpture before it was lit and I have video of every team’s sculpture as it was burning. I am currently editing the video into a longer piece about the entire event from my perspective. I am also reformatting all of the photos and getting them more suitable for viewing over the web. Below are the first six teams sculpture as it looked right before it was burned. I will post a photo of each sculpture as it was burning later.







Great Britain







World Fire Sculpture Championship, Riga, Latvia (February 12, 2014)

I am still editing all the video that I captured from my participation in the World Fire Sculpture Championship. I am learning Premiere Pro as I am putting it all together. Nevertheless, I am processing small snippets of the video for public consumption and as teasers for the final film. I have footage from the first meeting, the building of the sculptures, footage of all the sculptures being lit and the final award ceremony that I captured from the stage where the winners were announced. Stay tuned and bear with me as I process this footage.

So for now I have included a link to the first prize winning sculpture created by the Russian team.

More later…



Preparatory Drawings for Fire Sculpture (February 3, 2014)

Someone asked about any preparatory drawings that I made before building the fire sculpture in Riga, Latvia. I told them that I had very many different drawings that had to be completed before and as I was working the sculpture. I attached below the major drawings that I took with me to Riga to help in the building of the structure.


This was the drawing that I gave the friends who allowed me to do a test burn on their property. I gave them this so that they would know what I was talking about.


This was the first working drawing where I figured out the lengths of wood translated from metric to inches and some initial ways of building the tower.


This was an important working drawing that showed me how to build the box around the tower lighter so I could pull it up to the top of the tower.


This was important diagram of how to thread the ‘block and tackle’ that I designed to lift the box up to the top of the tower.


This was my final working drawing after the test burn that had all the final measurements and construction methods for the tower.