New Doodle/Sketch (February 25, 2013)

Below is the fourth doodle/sketch done in my new sketchbook. This one is also very abstract – so far this is my most favorite one because it has a very playful and ‘sketchy’ quality. I like that you see all the lines that are searching for a composition and then you easily see the areas that I developed to include some volume. I like that in some areas the volumes do not make sense with the other volumes surrounding them. I think I have defaulted to just titling them Doodle/Sketch with a number as to when they were completed.




New Doodle / Sketch (February 18, 2013)

Below is the third doodle that I created in my new brown paper sketchbook. This one turned out much more abstract than the others. I just start making marks on a page and turning the sketchbook around and making more marks until I have a composition that somehow pleases me. I really do not have a title for this piece yet. I was thinking maybe “Conversation” or “Black Crow”. Are there any other suggestions?



Snow Tracks (February 7, 2013)

I love when it snows and I always try to go out in the woods and see the fresh undisturbed snow. Of course, I am never the first creature out and about in the woods – there are always others before me. The following photos document their tracks in the snow.