X-PRESS RevisitedOctober 20, 2015

My old friend Mike Horvath recently moved back to Ohio from New York city and we have been talking about all the collaborations and performances we did in the late seventies and early eighties. We formed a collaborative enterprise which we called X-PRESS. It should be depicted with a circle around the ‘X’. We created a lot of ‘Brand X’ products like small print publications, labels for cans, video and films which were all usually incorporated in performances that we created. These performances were Dada inspired and were designed to only be performed once. We created approximately eight performances.

We are talking and meeting again to collaborate again – perhaps with another film or another publication. As preparation, I have been digging through all of our X-PRESS documentation and processing it for us both. We are thinking about publishing it to the internet in some fashion – so I am preparing the files. I seem to have saved the bulk of our documentation. For this first installment I have posted several of the promotional photos I have saved from our checkered past below.