X-PRESS Revisited Entry 5November 20, 2015

Here is the fifth group of X-PRESS ephemera that I have recently scanned for documentation. These images all come from our programs for our performances. Almost every performance we collaborated on was accompanied by a program. Usually a double-sided xeroxed paper folded in some way. These were passed out before the performance began.

The list of our performances are as follows:

1979 March 15 – “Time To Kill” at Ohio State University

1979 April – “Void Where Prohibited” at University of Akron

1979 May 29 – “Artistic License” at Ohio State University

1979 June 1,2 – “D-Program” at Ohio State University

1979 August 24 -“The D-Vice” at Ohio State University

1980 March 12 – “The Bachelor Party” at Ohio State University

1980 May 12-17 – “Ulterior Motifs” Hopkins Gallery at Ohio State University

1980 July 29 – “The Living End” Artreach Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

1982 April 1 – “Shelf Life” Experimental Gallery, Akron, Ohio


The first photograph is the program from “Time To Kill”.



The following is the program from “The D-Vice” This program was folded in thirds.





Following is the program from “The Bachelor Party”