Back to another Doodle Sketch in the Brown SketchbookDecember 31, 2013

Below is my newest doodle sketch that I created as the next page in my brown sketchbook. I have not yet applied the white light source that gives it more dimension.

In fact,I liked working so much in the very wide aspect ration of the scroll that I have decided to expand the space of the work lengthwise and possibly turn it into a vector painting as the final art.This very wide scroll aspect ratio is very interesting to me because it is working a composition in a very unusual way. This very wide ratio lends itself to a linear and sequential reading of the work, but still has to work as a static composition – which intrigues me.

This is the very first piece that I thought of the title as I was creating it and actually kind moved the drawing in that direction. The title is, “The Birth”. I thought that I would post it as it is so far.