21 C Museum Hotel LouisvilleSeptember 9, 2014

The last artwork that impressed me from my gallery hop in Louisville was an installation by Ned Kahn in the 21C Museum Hotel. This place is full of alot of good artwork throughout its walls and gallery. The piece I was most impressed was an installation outside but could be viewed through windows from inside the building. It was called ‘Cloud Rings’. It consisted of three black boxes that produced smoke rings in intervals that popped out and drifted up into the sky. Below are two photographs showing the piece. I remember that when I smoked cigarettes, I used to blow smoke rings all the time and I got pretty good at it. Most people were not very good at it and it was hard to get a nice perfect smoke ring. This artwork produced very clean, and very round perfect smoke rings. I loved seeing them pop out so perfectly round and then slowly dissipate as the drifted up.