Collaboration with Mathematician continued (June 30, 2015)

Below are the two artworks we collaborated on that are 42 inch square. I wanted to create some very large works in order to take it outside the realm of the small spirograph images that is associated with the toy. I started the large works and then handed them off to David Freeman to finish.



Collaboration with Mathematician (June 25, 2015)

Over the winter I collaborated with David Freeman on a series of eight different art pieces. David is a mathematician and we worked together creating what we call ‘approximations’ to illustrate abstract notions of space, time and mathematical constructs. We ended up creating a whole lot of spirographs that ranged from 6 inch square to 14 inch square to 42 inch square. Sometimes I would start the piece and then hand it off to David to finish, sometimes the opposite was true. I have posted the first four small pieces below. The first three of these pieces will be shown in July at the Mathematical Art gallery show as part of the 2015 Bridges Conference.

Here is a link to the exhibit:










My First Fan Art (June 18, 2015)

Here is my latest sketch – one that started out just like my other abstract sketches. Yet as I looked at it and was about to add color – I could not shake what I saw – which is Batman. So I just went with it and colored it like Batman and used the color palette of his costume. So this qualifies as my first ‘fan art’. It is my portrait of Batman.




New Sketches as a Film (June 10, 2015)

I had a friend recently visit my studio and comment on all the new sketches that I had hanging up in a row. He said that it reminded him of a storyboard. So I decided to take them all and animate a short piece by lap dissolving between each image. I did not put music to it or do any ‘Ken Burns effect’ on the images which is entirely possible. Below I have posted a photo of all of the pieces completed so far hanging on the wall. I also included the animation of all the pieces completed so far.




Here is a link to the animation:




Tree Man or Ent from Lord of the Rings (June 2, 2015)

I was astonished as I drove by this tree the other day. I thought I saw a a giant man or en ‘Ent’ from Lord of the Rings. I had to turn around and photograph it. You should know that I have not Photoshopped the image below at all.