Bike Trail Glyphs (September 17, 2015)

As riding my bike on the bike trail, I came upon these strange glyphs. They were impossible to read – obviously warnings that had been so distressed that most of the message had been erased. Yet I found them interesting as some kind of alien glyphs. Below are some photos.






Ohio State Fair 2015 miscellaneous (September 9, 2015)


This was my favorite work of art at the fair in all the professional fine art exhibitions, the high school exhibitions and all the youth exhibitions. This piece is titled, “Birds Quiet Monsters” and was created by Henry Hess at St. Timothy Middle School.


I loved this sheep all dressed up in full regalia.


This cake was in the cake decorating competition. It did not win anything but i thought it looked very tasty – much like a Wayne Thiebaud  painting.






Ohio State Fair – Funky Food (September 2, 2015)

One of the strangest things at the Ohio State Fair is the range of odd ‘fair food’ items. The grossest one that I saw was the Sloppy Donut. I really could not order one to see what is actually looked like  but the photo tells it all. Two Krispy Kreme donuts as a bun with sloppy joe mix in between. I never saw anyone order this. I cannot imagine anyone buying this.


The second ‘fair food’ that I found totally odd was the deep fried buckeyes. Buckeyes are the desert treat of peanut butter covered in chocolate. They take these buckeyes and then deep fry them. They will also deep fry a lot of other commercial treats like twinkies, snickers bars, pop tarts, or a grilled cheese sandwich. Strange – I guess it is a novelty item that might appeal to teenagers.


Finally, another vendor freezes a slice of key lime pie and then dips it in chocolate and serves it on a stick – very weird.