Dinner Bell Character (July 23, 2014)

Many times I have no idea where I get my ideas. Alot of times I just start doodling and then see what it looks like to me and then emphasize that. Below is an example of a character – possibly for animating – that is based on a dinner bell. Perhaps its shape just reminded me of a cartoon character. Or maybe I was subtly influenced by the Taco Bell logo. Do you see any similarities?






Doo Op – Accidental Poetry (July 17, 2014)

Occasionally I notice an instance of poetry that is totally accidental. The photograph below is an example of that.

This is a button in an elevator in which the paint has worn off some of the letters by being pushed so many times. The button when it was new read DOOR OPEN but now it reads DOO OP. I always get a kick of this DO OP button and imagine all the various things that could happen by pressing the DOO OP button.




Ghoulardi T-shirt (July 9, 2014)

I recently finished the artwork for a group of people who grew up with an unlikely hero called Ghoulardi. He was a fictional late night host who was a hipster and developed many ‘catch phrases’ such as ‘stay sick’, ‘turn blue’ ‘stay cool’, ‘ova dey’, ‘turn blue you purple knif’ (knif is fink spelled backwards). He was played by Ernie Anderson who went on to become an announcer in Los Angeles. He was a beatnick character and very popular because he used to denegrade the B movies he was playing and even interrupt the movie by superimposing his floating head. This is what I did with the t-shirt – I superimposed his floating head over the (modified) Soap Box Derby logo. Ghoulardi was recently given a nod by the band the Black Keys with their 2014 album titled,” Turn Blue”. Below is the t-shirt, it is an inside joke for a number of people.




Migration Sketch and Final Art (July 1, 2014)

I recently finished another vector painting. I have attached a copy of my initial sketch and a copy of the second larger sketch and then finished art below. I call the piece “Migrating Flock Adopts an Orphan”. You can see the different iterations that my art goes through from beginning to end.