There is a Hole in the Sky where My Soul Soars (May 30, 2013)

This past weekend I visited The Clearview Inn up north, a bar restaurant that I designed the steer mascot for. As I was waiting for a friend to show up, I drew in my little Moleskin sketchbook. I use this sketchbook to record ideas and notes for future artwork. This particular sketch was better rendered than most of my sketches in this sketchbook, so I decided to post it here below. The title and idea was inspired by looking up into the sky that day and seeing a clearing way up high in the clouds.


You can see the Clearview steer mascot by going to PORTFOLIOS>2D-ART>LOGOS and clicking through the images there.



Skull Anthill (May 22, 2013)

As I was hiking through the Miami Whitewater trails I came upon this anthill in the shape of a skull. I immediately thought, “could these be killer ants – like the killer bees that have been Africanized?” Needless to say, I quickly took the photo and did not hang around to find out. I didn’t even stay long enough to actually see any of the ants come out or go in.



Cloudscapes (May 14, 2013)

I love cloudscapes. When I see them I just imagine myself being inside them walking around on those fluffy ridges and peeking around the corners of the cloud banks. So when I saw this wonderful cloudscape as I was biking outdoors – I had to stop and snap a few photos which I posted below.

As I was uploading the photos of the cloudscapes it made me think about the wonderful cloudscape artwork by my old friend Rod Bouc. Here is a link to his cloud drawings in charcoal:














The Final Doodle Sketch for Awhile (May 6, 2013)

Hmmm… this obsession is starting to wane. I like this sketching method but have not figured out what to do with these sketches. Should I scan them and then work digitally on top of them, or put them all together and frame them, or work on a new one on a big piece of paper? I just haven’t figured out where to go next so this will probably be my last Doodle Sketch post for awhile.