Felt Steak (March 19, 2013)

I recently finished my recent felt sculpture. I call it “Felt Steak”. It is all just wool that is needle felted. The needle felting process is just compressing wool by jabbing it many times with a barbed needle. The color is dyed wool called ‘roving’.

It is hard to try to mix colors and apply them but I enjoy the challenge.




Cardinal Convention (March 11, 2013)

I caught several photographs of a lot of cardinals in the same tree and same area. I call this a ‘Cardinal Convention’. These are not Photoshopped in – they were actually that many cardinals in one place. They seemed to all gather about the bird feeder and then they each took turns flying down to feed.

Ironically, the Papal Conclave is happening right now as well. Could it be that all the cardinals from all over the world are meeting to elect the new pope???