Pareidolia Series (November 29, 2016)

Here is the latest drawing in my Pareidolio Series of Rockfaces.



Pareidolia – Rock Faces (November 17, 2016)

Here is another completed drawing of the Pareidolia series. Pareidolia is defined as (by : the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in considering the moon to have human features.

I am quite comfortable with this final style for these images. Some people have commented that this looks like the mouth of a horse. I did not see that until they mentioned it. I see it as a skull with teeth.



Camera Lucida Included in Old Painting (November 9, 2016)

Awhile back I attended the NeoLucida workshop at Manifest. I remember photographing the sample of the camera lucida that the presenter had which was often advertised in comic books. I remember that ad fondly – I always thought it was a scam or fraud. I took a photo of the box it came in to remember the advertising on it.

I was recently looking through some old slides of artwork that I had and remembered that I had actually completed a painting that was derived from these old comic book ads. So I looked through a lot of slides and found the painting. I scanned it and included it below along with the photo of the box that I recently took. The painting was titled, “Tracing a Fire”. Amazing how you kinda forget a lot of what you have created until something you see triggers it.



“Tracing a Fire” acrylic paint on canvas © David Hartz