Dada Entry Number 4 – “Dada Minor RH753-M” (May 31, 2016)

Below is the fourth and last entry to the “Dada Lives” Exhibition. This again started with a copyright free image that had a hole punched in the middle of it. I titled this piece, “Dada Minor RH753-M”.



Dada Entry number 3 – Dada Miner Les S. Moore (May 23, 2016)

Below is my third entry to the UCBA, “Dada Lives” exhibition. This started with a copyright free image of a miner that I digitally manipulated in several ways. I titled this piece, “Dada Miner Les S. Moore”.




Dada Entry Number 2 – Dada Miner Stan Beck (May 13, 2016)

Below is the second entry to the UCBA, “Dada Lives” exhibition and entry to “Metadata: The International Journal of Dada Mining”. When I saw the subtitle, “Journal of Dada Mining”, I purposely went looking for copyright free images of mining operations and found several that I thought I could work with. Of course I digitally manipulated the photograph in subtle ways. I title this piece, “Dada Miner Stan Beck”.



New Work for Dada Lives Exhibit, UCBA Gallery (May 5, 2016)

The Dada Lives exhibit is now up at the UCBA Gallery. I have a 4 works included and I will scan each one and reduce it so it will be compatible with this blog. The first one is titled, “RH753-M”. These are digitally manipulated photographs that I found online and are completely copyright free. That is why there are holes and paint markers on the photos. I then manipulate the photo and print it out. This photo is titled RH753-M because that is what was written on the negative. There is also a hole punched in the negative – and that is where I collaged a mini-monster.

The second photo is a photo of an actual stencil that I created and used for spray painting. You will notice that this stencil is digitally included in every one of the Dada photos. The stencil was supposed to be hung in the show and actually used to spray paint the graphic on the gallery wall. The gallery staff did not get around to actually doing this.

I created the stencil as a new graphic for my old collaboration with Mike Horvath called X-PRESS who recently suggested we continue our collaboration. You can see all of our previous collaborations earlier in this blog on October and November 2015.