Fallen AngelsApril 2, 2013

If you look in my portfolios under Photography and then open up Album 2, you will see a bunch of photographs I took in a series I call “Fallen Angels”.

I typically visit a lot of thrift stores, I like the thrill of discovering unusual used items that you just wouldn’t find anywhere else in town. I once found a small purse made of the skull of a monkey. Now, that is something you could not  find if you wanted to – it is something you wouldn’t even know existed until you saw it – that is the thrill of thrift stores.

So in my thrift store travels, I see a lot of discarded religious items and statues. Often times, these religious items are broken and look sad or are juxtaposed to such odd kitsch idols that it seems kind of sacrilegious or surreal. So I decided to photograph these objects. Album 2 is a collection of those photographs. So the photo below will be my next addition to that collection. It succinctly speaks to the title of the collection, “Fallen Angels”. It was an entire shopping cart full of plastic angels. Never had I seen so many angels in one big pile up.